hair extension reviews
Soon, really soon actually, we’ll begin posting reviews of hair extensions and related hair extension products for your viewing pleasure. We hope to provide objective (we know, you’re thinking “objective, ya right!”) reviews that are fair and balanced and provide enough insight into the wide array of hair extensions that are out there so that you as a salon owner, stylist, or consumer, can make the best possible decision in your purchase.

While the list might seem daunting to pick from, take comfort that there are only 3 types of hair extension methods: strand by strand hair extensions, weft hair extensions, and clip in extensions.

Strand by strand extensions:
If you choose the strand by strand method for your hair extensions, this is where the hair is separated into groups of 1-30 and then the strands are either bonded, braided, sewn, locked/clamped or in some other way attached to your existing hair and done so at the root. The way they’re attached depends largely on the company your stylist buys their hair from, and he/she can recommend and discuss with you the various attachment methods and their pros and cons. The number of strands included in your strand by strand hair extensions will depend on the application as well as your hair. Typically it ranges from 140 strands to 400.

Weft Extensions:
Weft, or ‘track’ extensions, use hairs that have been sewn together onto a seam. These hairs are then cut and measured to the clients head and are applied in similar ways as strand by strand: bonding, braiding, locking, or sewing. Typically, the weft extension method is less expensive but does not provide the versatility some might desire for varied styling.

Clip-in Extensions:
The newest hair extension rage that has swept the hair scene, are clip in hair extensions. You may have noticed this in your research, as celebrity brands typically offer a clip in extension. Clip in extensions are a terrific alternative of you only want fuller hair now and again, or for a new style on special occasions such as a wedding or anniversary. The downside is that they really are designed for a now and a gain use. They have a tendency to slip and can be a pain to put in and out on a daily basis. Clip in hair extensions are a cost effective way to get that style you want without the permanent feeling of some of the other hair extension methods.

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