Just out! Sally Beauty Supply is joining forces with Paris Hilton and her new hair extension line. This will be fun to watch. Most people have heard of Sally Beauty. If you haven’t, let me try to describe the company. Sally Beauty has been called the “Wal-Mart” of beauty supply. In fact, it’s possible that they have more stores than Wal-Mart does today.

Inevitably what’s happened to this publicly traded corporate giant is a disconnect with the “professional stylist”. Now their strategy is cheaper products marketed towards to the general public, which has done wonders for their bottom line.

Unfortunately with their sheer size, they’ve lost their ability to keep pace with the market trends. In the past, Sally Beauty has carried a number of different hair extension lines that have gained a reputation for being “cheap quality”.

A few of those brands are Satin Strands, Euronext, Sassy and Vienna. Even though Sally has tried to break into the Caucasian market, still today an overwhelmingly majority of their hair is sold to the ethnic market. They recently introduced a strand by strand knock-off method.

Again because of the “Wal-Mart” image, this hair has not made it into the professional salon. After spending some time online reading reviews, I’ve learned the hair tangles because it is not, what the industry calls, “remy”. There are rumors that Sally has attempted, on numerous occasions, to get into the “remy” market. Unfortunately because of Sally’s size and the decreasing world supply of remy human hair, they just can’t get a steady supply at a low cost.

High quality human hair has become a commodity that changes price on a daily basis. As demand goes up and supply goes down, price also goes up. In turn, the more Sally tries to buy, the higher their price goes. This brings me back to the topic of this article. In the end, Sally had to go with a synthetic hair instead of a human hair.

By partnering with Paris Hilton, Sally Beauty is attempting to regain some of that “cool” factor. The Paris Hilton hair extensions are again a too little too late attempt to knock-off and compete with Hair U Wear’s Jessica Simpson hair extension line.