paris hilton hair extensionsDreamCatchers Hair Extensions paid homage to their namesake, Paris Hilton, recently as a company van was seen entering the gates of the Hilton estate. According to a dream catchers receptionist the heiress recently had
“Full length, 20 inches of extensions….blonde, of course.” But who can blame the 26 year old changed star? Despite what you may think (or not think) of the superstar, we all want to look our best and considering hair extensions are all the rage – why not have them put in after 3 weeks in the slammer.

Last night Paris was interviewed on Larry King Live, and read excerpts from notes she had written while behind bars. While it’s hard to say whether or not she’ll be able to stick to her apparent paradigm shift, the pop icon seemed humbled and much of what she had to say, although sometimes cliche, seemed to emanate from a side of Paris Hilton not exposed by the paparazzi. Here’s to hoping Paris can live out her new dream and catch a few falling stars in the process…aka Britney and Lindsey.