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Hair extensions are quickly becoming the hottest fashion accessory in Hollywood and for women across the U.S. who want to stimulate their look. From FOX’s American Idol stars to sophisticated spring brides, hair extensions are becoming mainstream accessories.
Glamorous shouldn’t be an adjective reserved for only today’s hottest celebrities, especially since it’s easier than ever to [...]

This just in: A California stylist is claiming that she spent two whole days working on hair extensions to elongate Britney Spears’ self-inflicted buzz-cut.
TMZ is reporting that the blonde extensions have added several inches to Britney’s own inch-long mop and that the singer is going for a final touch up in a few days.
Thank goodness [...]

By Will Dunham
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mice with deep skin wounds can grow new hair, scientists said on Wednesday in a finding that offers hope for a baldness remedy for humans.
The mice regenerated hair at the site of the wound via molecular processes similar to those used in embryonic development, according to the research, published in [...]

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